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Saturday, 7 January 2012

At our age we should know better... but he started it...

George and I have taken up playing Scrabble again.  Until last night it had been going well.  George had won every game, usually only by a few points, but that was enough to keep him happy.

Last night he kept picking up all the vowels, I seemed to get all the consonants, especially the difficult and high-scoring ones.  I was ahead by over 50 points when he got grumpy.   Having no vowels of my own I had to make use of the vowels he had set down so the game got a little closed-in.  I should have been more thoughtful, apparently. 

We both spat our dummies out.  

We completed the game in almost silence.  

We laughed about it later.

Watch out tonight George.  I've been studying the word lists.


  1. Hard not to get competitive, eh? Great way to spend the dark evenings. Tell George, he'll win again sometime --maybe.

  2. Are there more U's in English scrabble. That just flashed through my head. Scrabble can keep you warm on a cold night.

  3. We call ours 'Killer Scrabble' it's that serious. We'll often have a forfeit for the cooking dinner!!
    Jane x

  4. Jerry and I used to love to play Scrabble. But, if he was losing, he would mutter he was tired and didn't want to play anymore. When my sister and I were kids, she used to cheat at Scrabble. When I would get disgusted and say I didn't want to play anymore, she would say, "You forfeit. I automatically win!" So, that's what I would say to Jerry. We never grow up, do we?

    Glad you and George are back on speaking terms.

  5. oh we LOVE scrabble too... we MUST have a games night... why dont you and George come over one night ad we can all get a grump on!

  6. Hi Jenny, You are absolutely right, it has brought out the competitive streak alright. We have another game lined up for this evening - let's hope we can be a bit more mature about this one.

    Hi Joanne, Our Scrabble game has 4 'U' letters. Scrabble can certainly become quite heated! He won't like it when I win again tonight!

    Hi Jane and Chris, The loser cooks dinner, eh? That is a great idea, or it would be, George is a terrible cook. He makes terrific porridge, but that is about all!!

    Hi Mitch, I know what you mean, my brothers and I were eventually banned from playing the board game 'Risk' - it involved deploying armies all over the world and fighting battles. We could never quite confine it to the board...

    Hi Dom, That is a great idea! We'll do that sometime soon. Don't go practising too much. x

  7. I haven't played Scrabble in years. How nice that you have someone who will play with you--and keeps it from getting boring!

  8. Hi Ms Sparrow, I'll reserve judgement on that until we have played tonight's game!

  9. I can't play Scrabble anymore. Makes me crazy!

  10. Scrabble is a great way to stimulate the brain, maybe we need to dig out our game, now where is it? Ha.

  11. Hi Ronna, I know just what you mean. Well, I'm alright, it's my husband who gets grumpy!!

    Hi Linda, Only search for it if you are prepared to have a few interesting discussions!! Ours tend to get a little heated at times.

  12. We usually play Scrabble when we go to my brother's or they come here, but it never gets heated. We'll even help each other if anyone's stuck or taking too long. Many a time I've suggested a word and then realised it blocked where I was going to go! Doh!

  13. Hello LBM, That sounds like a very civilised way to play!


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