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Monday, 19 September 2011


Hi Jonny

It is your Dad here.  I made a start bricklaying the headers, as the photographs will show.  I tried a different technique to the previous one that we used - I used wooden spacers, which allowed me to put mortar on the side of the brick and was very quick and easy to do.

I had to cut down the last brick in the section and it took ages to get the concrete saw started up.  When I get the time I will clean the plug and give the air filter a good clean out.  No bricklaying tomorrow as it is going to be wet all day, but I will send some photos after Wednesday's work.

Mum is laid up with a broken toe, so I have to do the mixing, the bricklaying and the cleaning - and it is along job from start to finish.  She won't be fully recovered for a while and if I get some good weather I will have finished the bricklaying within two weeks so Santa's little helper is not much use right now!

Hope all goes well with the observation.

love, Pa

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