pear tree log: I started this blog to keep my younger son, Jonny, in touch with life in Lincolnshire, while he spent a year working in China. That year turned into five! Now he is home and training to become a physics teacher. This is simply a patchwork quilt of some of the things I enjoy - life in rural Lincolnshire, our animals, friends, architecture, books, the gardens, and things of passing interest.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


We took young Harry to the Apple Farm at Galley Hill, down Rye Lane.  He was excited as soon as we got there - their apple and pear trees are nice and short with the lower fruits within easy reach of a 3 year old bundle of mischief.  Of course I wanted a photo to show his mum and dad
but every time I tried...
he ran and left his old Gran.  In the end I left Harry and his Grandpa to it and wandered off to see what I could see.
I met a lovely little dog, but this was the only snap I got of him
before he turned tail and disappeared into the apple trees.
I found the hen house and some beautiful Silkies who were less than impressed by the camera - or was it me?
Inanimate objects would have to do!
Not exactly exciting, but these bins did take me down memory lane and the late 1950's, when I was a young child.  We didn't have 3 wheelie bins in assorted colours, we had one of these bins, which was emptied once a week.  We didn't have bin liners either...  I don't remember, but it must have been very messy and exceedingly smelly in the summer - and what happened if we had too much rubbish?  Of course we didn't have the same crazy amounts of packaging, but even so

I loved this huge collection of pipes and the way they are acquiring a green mottled, weathered look.
I also love the silvered look of this old tree.

... The Big Apple?  Well that was one which Harry picked, when we got it home and on the scales it weighed in at 1lb 12oz!  Quite a whopper.

I have tried to post a photo of it, but as though to prove a point I can't manage to get it loaded.  Just trust me on this one, it is HUGE!

Thanks for keeping on with the blog Jonny, what a shame that the buildings in that town were such a let-down.  I can't help but wonder whether they were really that bad, or whether it is just that the trained, architectural side of you has such high standards? 

Look after yourself.

Lots of love,


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