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Thursday, 1 September 2011


We drove to Cleethorpes to visit the Aged Aunt again this morning.  I did her grocery shopping and visited her, etc and your Pa spent a couple of hours at her old house sorting out the gardens.  I won't be mean enough to scare you with another photo of her, last week was quite enough!  She is fine and asked after you.

We got back home at around two o'clock, drained of energy.  The dogs were delighted to see us, as were the two cats.  I took them for a romp in the field (still only partly harvested) it was great fun to be walking through the barley stalks with the two dogs and closely attended by Sparky and Bennie.  They all had a fabulous time until naughty Pip decided that she couldn't hear me and made to trot off to the far side of the field.  I eventually got her back and frog-marched her home.

I called Pip and Toby out into the garden to have their photographs taken, but they totally refused to get any closer, nor would they look towards each other.  They seem to have had some sort of disagreement - Toby probably blames her for the shortened walk!

The leaves have begun to fall - the colours are fabulous.

While I was out and about with the dogs and cats your Dad was busy with the teak oil, working on the first set of windows to the kitchen.  They look stunning now, although they need to have several more coats yet.
We are still getting lots of vegetables from the garden, some for the freezer and some for now.  The harvest today included runner beans, courgettes (small and very sweet), spring onions, tomatoes, spinach.  The spinach is doing really well so I will be making some more batches of spinach soup for the freezer.  I made some the other day and added a completely different ingredient.  I am delighted to say that your Pa really liked it!  I'll post that one tomorrow.

It was great seeing you on Skype yesterday - you looked really well.  Rest assured all is fine back home.

Lots of love,


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