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Friday, 23 September 2011


That wonderful holiday feeling which we enjoy once 'our field' has been harvested  has finally gone.  Farmer T, well, his son Martin - has been ploughing today, all day.  Here is Martin in the Big Red Tractor.

The second tractor (above) is the one being driven by his Mother, she is already well into her sixties and yet she has been working all day, and is still working, as I type this at gone half past eight at night.   She is an amazing woman!   It is already dark out there so they are working by the light of their headlights.

The seagulls soon swooped in and had a feast as they followed the plough.

Normally I feel a little sad to see the field turned over, but today I have to admit that I found it exciting.  I suppose that summer has been such a non-event with only a few short spells of really good weather.  I have hopes that autumn may be wonderful in that misty, magical way that it sometimes has.  Just thinking about the potential beauty of it makes me happy.

The riot of colours and textures - and although this photo doesn't do it justice,

the colour of this plant is very warm and exuberant, and doesn't it look fabulous against that lovely old stone with its mousse-like texture and the wonderful velvet of the moss.

I also love these acid green leaves contrasting with the dense rich blacks of the berries.

No doubt the garden holds many more treasures but these were two which I snapped while watching the tractors and seagulls. (Still having too much trouble with the foot to go too far.)    I mustn't start waxing lyrical again about the hedgerows, berries, etc.  I'll restrict myself to saying that the colours are fabulous and the opportunities for a little foraging are there to be taken!

Moving on, I did a little more sewing and made these little chaps (hamsters) today

I know I am barking mad, but I love them.  This phase will pass.  Sewing  them has kept me occupied for much of the day, I enjoyed it.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Lots of love,


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