pear tree log: I started this blog to keep my younger son, Jonny, in touch with life in Lincolnshire, while he spent a year working in China. That year turned into five! Now he is home and training to become a physics teacher. This is simply a patchwork quilt of some of the things I enjoy - life in rural Lincolnshire, our animals, friends, architecture, books, the gardens, and things of passing interest.

Friday, 9 September 2011


There is no doubt that being on the edge of two seasons is making me restless.  I am losing interest in the garden, but I want to do something - something creative, probably - but not painting.  I think I want to do sewing, certainly something with fabric, so to this end I have been sorting through my fabrics. Inspiration has not struck yet, I am sure it is just a matter of time!!

I began the day by cleaning windows, lots of windows.  At least we can see through them again, even when the sun shines onto them.
This is the equipment needed for my patented window cleaning method - quick and easy, streak-free results.

This was followed up by some hoovering and polishing.  

Chores over, we got changed and went into the village to the mobile library.  It only comes to the village once a month, for half an hour, and it is a case of 'use it or lose it' because the Council is always looking for easy ways to save money.  The regular library van was in for a service so, as you can see, we had the tiny one today.  It meant limited choices, but I still managed to get eight books.

George couldn't resist taking more photos - luckily Sheila didn't mind!  Then, just to prove that he knows how to give me a good time, George drove on to South Thoresby Vine Inn, where he got rid of the glass for recycling!!

While we were on the library the Little Purple Bus came and turned around, it was picking up Bernard's wife, son and stepdaughter.  Apparently poor old Bernard is seriously ill in Grimsby Hospital with a blood clot on his lung.  The bus works on the basis that you ring and request to be collected and it then either takes you to your destination (if nearby) or to connect with another bus service.

Martin has finally taken away all the straw bales and has spent the afternoon circling the field trimming the edges and trimming the hedges.  Don't worry Jonny - he didn't wreck the fencing this time!   All is neat and shipshape, ready for the Enduro races this weekend.

Your Pa has been working all afternoon in the wood, again.  It is looking magnificent!  Photos to follow over the next few days.

Davina is keeping well - and so is little Harry.  He has been out with Grandpa, running around the field and chasing Toby.  When they finally came back in Harry was desperate for some milk and a toasted crumpet.  Once he had demolished that he gave me a milky, buttery kiss and went back home, reluctantly, as it was bathtime and bedtime.  

See what exciting times you are missing by being in Shanghai Jonny.  It all happens in Aby.  Have a great weekend!

Lots of love,


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  1. Here is a post I have not read....You were missing Jonny so much. Love the photo of your cleaning supplies. It's a chance to see more of the outside of your home.


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