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Saturday, 24 September 2011


I was just cutting up a beautiful cabbage when I remembered a junk shop find which was tucked away on a shelf of the pantry, I had to get the camera and take a photograph.

Isn't the spoon beautiful?

While I had the camera I took a few photographs of the (mainly) green tomatoes in the conservatory

I think we shall probably end up making lots of green tomato chutney...
although if the next few days are as warm and sunny as they are predicting we may yet see them ripening.

We picked some apples today, Russets and Ashmead Kernals from the apple farm.  I can still only manage to carefully put my injured foot into an adjustable sandal, can't even manage my capacious wellingtons yet.  But, hey hoe!  At least I can walk reasonably well now.

I digress.  Picking apples sounds so bucolic and relaxing - not so!  The apple trees are low and make easy picking, the trouble is that as you pick other apples fall  - and I had a couple of scary moments when I had forgotten about my unprotected foot...
These apples are now residing on the new racks in the apple storage area - apparently they improve with keeping and are at their peak by Christmas.  Something to look forward to.  Squirrel Nutkin had nothing on us.

We have also been to the Nursery to purchase a couple of six foot tall laurel shrubs - these are to be placed on the outside of the new patio wall, Jonny, in the area parallel with 'Stone Henge'.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend - perhaps you have been out clubbing again?  Don't forget that we would like to see some more photos, when you have the opportunity.  Just seen that you have updated your blog.  Must dash now and read it.

Lots of love,



  1. ooh my mum used to have this set, she also had a divine mint sauce dish in the shape of a mint leaf with a teeny mint leaf spoon... ahh the 70's were good!

  2. That does sound lovely, Dom! I must keep my eyes peeled for one.


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