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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Much of today has been spent reading.  Bliss.

I have dug deep into my stacks of books and I came up with this one, which I bought at a church book sale a number of years ago - Wild Foods of Great Britain by L C Cameron.  It was originally published in 1917, my copy is a 1979 reprint.

The cats are both lazing around indoors, being fairweather-hunters, when they should be outside catching some of the rats.  

It is, therefore, reassuring to read, courtesy of L Cameron, that the brown rat, particularly young ones, are a toothsome delicacy - apparently they should be stuffed with a simple mix of breadcrumbs and sweet herbs, sprinkled with salt and pepper and mixed with the heart and liver, then roasted in a hot oven for a few minutes.  Yum.  They are good in pies too.    N.B. Use only young, newly weaned rats!

Another forgotten source of sustenance is the heron ... and we have dozens of those in the next field down, thanks to our proximity to the trout farm... seemingly heron used to be a favourite dish with our ancestors.  Plain boiled for about 8 hours, it becomes tender enough to afford a meal to a hungry person - and its flavour is only very slightly fishy!  It should be served with a thick white sauce flavoured with chopped parsley and fennel.

Grasshoppers, when collected in a large quantity, should be lightly fried in butter and seasoned.  Remember only to use the thighs, pull off the wings otherwise your meal will be spoiled by the smell of singed membranes...

So, should we fall upon hard times I can see that this book will be invaluable.

Had any memorable meals over there yet, Jonny?  Local delicacies?

Your dad just brought me my afternoon tea - hasn't he made an effort!

Just joking, that was an old photo.
This is what my afternoon cup of tea came in.

Due to my clumsiness yesterday I am still having to keep my foot elevated and have regular ice-packs, so much of today has been spent 
sitting in cosy corner, by the Rayburn.  

Lots of love,


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