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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nonagenarian John's Recipe for a Long Life

A Comment left on my previous post, by Ms Sparrow reminded me of something Old John from the village had shared with my husband, over a pint of best bitter, in The Railway Tavern.

Old John favours the cosy corner at the end of the bar, where he perches (he is quite a compact man) on one of the tall bar stools.  He calls in most days, and being a naturally friendly and talkative kind of man, he enjoys the company as much as the beer.

On this particular occasion the conversation turned to life and  the best way to achieve a long and happy life  .....   Old John leaned forward and confided that the recipe for a long life is the Three B's.

  • Beer
  • Baccy (Tobacco)
  • Bonking
Good on you, John!  Get that man a beer!

I wonder how many times he has caught people with that one.


  1. Would that this were also the you-know-who's recipe.

    She follows the "Three ayes" method.

    Immobility. Indifference. Ingratitude.

    A pint of beer, a packet of twenty Bensons and an energetic ... Spring clean would do her a power of good.

    1. She also follows the 3B method, it's just that her 3B's happen to be:

      Badger Elaine
      Blame Elaine
      Bash Elaine

      At least it means that she thinks the rest of you are wonderful!

  2. did say he was in his mid 90's. I guess that is a testament to how well it has worked for John.
    Happy Sunday!

    1. Hi Meggie, Yes, until his little clash with the sheep yesterday he was amazingly well for his age. He is determined to carry on doing everything for himself, even now. Maybe that strong will is half the battle.

  3. How could anyone resist that as a chat up line !
    Jane x

    1. Jane, It had me in stitches. He is a great character.

  4. I love it! You go, John! (I no longer partake of any of the 3 B's but I'd love to sit with John in the pub and have a nice chat.)

    1. Ms Sparrow, I think John would enjoy that too. He thrives on good company.


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