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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Notes from Home, for Jonny

Hi Jonny,

We've been busy looking after Frankie and Harry today - I took the opportunity to take a couple of photos for you.
One sleepy baby, determined to keep those eyes closed!  She weighs in at 7lbs 6oz now - which means that she gained 13oz this week.  See that double chin!
She can't wear hear small babygros any more - she could be related to a hobbit because her feet are exceptionally large...
Harry agreed to a very quick photo-call for you.  He loves his little sister, but only in very small doses!

We had a nice surprise first thing this morning when your dad went to let the hens out - he found a middle-sized dead rat on the patio.  I don't know which of the cats got it, but well done girls!
Of course we had to take a photo to prove it.

I really enjoyed reading your latest post on your blog, the photos are really lovely.  I hope there are lots more to come.

We are both fine - just a bit tired after all the child/baby related activity.  I hurt a toe on my other foot today - got it caught in the rug - it is black and blue, but I'm pretty sure it's not broken - just painful.    

Steve and Shirley had to have old D'arcy put to sleep the other day, he had liver cancer.  By the way, did I tell you that Joanne had a little girl?  They are both doing very well.
Nicki is okay, she asked me to buy her some chocolate liquer sweets the other day, two boxes - she'd already had six of them by the time we left her!  Her birthday is coming up in about 3 weeks so we are planning to take her to Pennells for a birthday lunch, we'll push her around in a wheelchair, let her browse the goods, make it special.

Right, I must go and check on dinner.  
Lots of love to you Jonny,


  1. Thanks for the update. Nice photos of Frankie and Harry, looks like it won’t be long before she surpasses him on the hair growth front.

    Stinky looks all grown up, kind of puts it into perspective when you see him holding his baby sister.

    I like your picture of the rat; it seems to have an eerie glow around it - very artistic.

    1. Hi Jonny, You are right, suddenly Harry seems much more mature. His latest trick is to suddenly burst into our kitchen, kick off his wellies and coat and ask whether he can have something to eat. It is the novelty - plus I suppose it helps to get him away from the baby-centric household for a while. Toby has become his chum, he goes everywhere with Harry - providing Harry sweetens the way with a dog treat!x

  2. What a handsome lad. I almost miss having such little ones around. OK, now I'm over it. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Hi Joanne, We had a lovely time with the little ones, but at the end of our stint we were both 'cream crackered'. Love 'em to bits, delighted to be able to help - but we are so relieved when they go home for the night.

  3. Can you hear the ohhhhh's and ahhhhh's across the ocean? Francesca is so beautiful! And, Harry has such a sweet face, looking so proud.
    I hope you are the one taking the photo of the rat....not the one holding the rat tail....

    1. Hi Meggie, Thank you! Little Francesca is a delight, she is a very calm baby - a nice balance to her whirling-dervish brother!

      You are absolutely right in your assessment - no way would I have anything to do with a rat - it was bad enough focussing on it with the camera. I'm so pleased that the cats show no desire to bring their prizes indoors!

  4. Little Harry and his baby sister are adorable. Your cats must be well fed because it doesn't look like the rat was even nibbled on. I once woke up to find one of my cats had been out hunting in the early morning and came back in by the cat door. He brought me a nice juicy mouse. It was lying right next to me on the bed for my breakfast. I thanked him for sharing--what else could I do?

    1. Hi Ms Sparrow, Thank you! I think the rat was probably caught by Bennie, she never eats her victims - doesn't like raw food at all. Sparky likes only the choicest bits, brain, heart, liver... so if she had caught it, it would have been sans head and upper torso.

      Your cat sounds wonderfully caring and sharing. I'm so glad that our girls are a little more selfish!

  5. A middle-sized rat? They get bigger than that? I'm really not squeamish, but I've only (so, far) encountered field mice. This even with the number of barns I have been in and around.

    So that's Harry? He's adorable and so is Francesca.

  6. Hi Janet, Yes, I reckon that was just a 'teenager' - George found another one of that size down by the compost heaps today. The girls have a bit more work to do yet!

    Harry is every bit as mischievous as he looks, very quick witted and lively - but even at aged three and a half he enjoys helping out in the wood!


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