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Friday, 17 February 2012

Possibly the Ugliest Hen in the World...

You Talkin'  about me?
A closer look at Billie the Beak.  Ex-battery hen.  Age: 4
I risked life and limb to get these photographs.
Billie is a bit bolshie.  She is an attack hen.
We are very fond of her.
This is Sick Chick,  she was ill last year and for a while it was touch and go.
She is a real sweetie and likes to live life at a slower pace these days.  
She is happy to amble, pootle and potter.
She is very talkative; great company.
The hen to the top right is Little Red Hen, she doesn't like having her photograph taken - refused all close-ups.
No such qualms for Billie.    
Billie was fine while the camera was clicking, as soon as I stood up to go, she attacked and I suffered two minor 'stab' wounds to the knee.
Billie always has to have the last word!
A small sign that Spring will soon be here


  1. My one-eyed Light Sussex, Eileen (what else), is the most affectionate hen you could wish.

    Love is blind Elaine.

    (Thank heavens for that I say!)

    1. Hi Chris, Love is indeed blind, two small purple marks on my leg are there to remind me that it isn't always reciprocated, or kind though! I can't help but admire her full-on attitude to everything life throws at her. I'm so glad she didn't end up in pies.

  2. What is the flower? What delicate beauty in the color. Poor Billie the Beak. He looks healthy, so I guess it doesn't hinder eating.....or attacking.

    1. Hi Meggie, The flower is one of a pair of crocuses which I found bravely showing themselves. The light was shining through it and I love the ethereal effect it gives it. Billie can't quite eat in the same way as the other two, although she gives everything a jolly good try. When it comes to their chicken food, corn, etc, we have to make sure that her bowl is kept topped up so that she can get enough down her. Other than that she does all that the others do, and more!

  3. Maybe Little Red Hen isn't camera shy, she's Billie the Beak shy. Lovely pictures, especially the harbinger of spring.

    1. Hi Joanne, Little Red Hen is defintely the quietest one of them, but she isn't afraid to stand up for herself. She is less keen on getting close to cameras, although she is perfectly happy to hang around our feet when we work out in the wood. She likes company - at a slight remove. She is the prettiest of the three.

  4. Oh, I love your hens, especially Billie!

    1. Hi Knatolee, Yes, you've just got to admire that girl's fighting spirit - although it does get a bit scary when it's you she is determined to have a go at. Toby avoids her at all costs. Funnily enough even Billie doesn't go for our grandson when he squats down to talk to them!


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