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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Aby Village Show - The Results, 2011

Sad to say we didn't do very well.

Only joking!  We were thrilled and surprised to find that we had won 12 prizes between us, plus 3 of the 5 Best of Show Categories - Produce, Cookery, and Arts & Crafts.  Amazing.

Yes - that late entry - the onions won first prize. And splendid they look too - I was worried about the lack of uniformity - but they were obviously good enough because they also won Best in Show for the Produce Section.

The jug of flowers which I almost decided not to take did well - and George's courgettes were obviously so good that someone stole two of them!

and finally, a couple of photos of the crowds at the show.   With many thanks to Vintage Photographer for his kind help with these photographs.  I had your camera with me Jonny but I was totally incapable of taking many pics because I just kept going round and round checking that we really had won.  George got a prize for his cheese scones, a first for his biscuits, I won with my painted stone and also with my still life photograph.   

The hard work paid off and we now have three neat little trophies on the bureau - for a year - and a tidy pile of certificates to prove it.

Signing off now - we have agreed to help out with the Pub fund-raiser tomorrow so we'll be out there before 11am putting up tables, organising car parking and manning the refreshment table at their car boot sale.  More news of that tomorrow - and photographs!


  1. Ruddy well done both of you, ruddy well done!

  2. still only 3rd place with your scones I see.... imagine if I had entered!

  3. George got Third place for his cheese scones - drum roll please - I was... UNPLACED! The good thing is that he gets to do all the baking now, so I count that as a result.


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