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Sunday, 21 August 2011


This post should be all about The Railway Tavern's Charity Car Boot Sale, but something far more exciting has come along.

Lets start with the car boot sale 
this is the field before the sellers arrived - and here is the field beginning to fill up
with sellers, and the first trickle of buyers.  It was a hot and sunny day and after four hours of manning the entrance and directing traffic, telling people where to park, selling drinks, snacks, bric-a-brac, etc, etc, we were all a little hot and rather tired...  
so we adjourned to the pub and had some shandy bitter - cold, restorative, and on the house - as were the quiche and the rolls - thanks to Keith and Dawn.  

Hopefully this event will have raised a decent amount of money for the Air Ambulance and Callum's Wish!

On our way to the car boot sale we passed a driveway which had the most adorable little teardrop-shaped caravan parked in it, along with a beautifully restored maroon mini.  We admired it and carried on to the Tavern.  Imagine our delight when said mini, towing the gorgeous little hand-built caravan turned into the field where the car boot sale was being held!

I had to go across and investigate.  I know, I know, but I like people who dare to be different.
My photograph does not do it justice, it is delightful and terribly cute.  It is also beautifully made and has a bed, electricity, a sink, wine storage, food storage, etc.  and can be towed by a Mini.

Did I say Mini - well here it is ...
The lovely couple who own them met while they were restoring their cars.  Love blossomed and they are about to be married in Gretna Green next week.   They don't have loads of money to splash around on a huge, showy wedding which will be over in a flash - so they have come up with something stylish, and totally true to themselves and their interests.   Their honeymoon will be spent touring with the caravan.  Wonderful!   

I hope to have access to some of their wedding photos, so I'll post them on here if possible. 

I wish them a long and happy marriage!

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