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Saturday, 20 August 2011


Our small village, Aby, has a tiny village hall.  The Village Show really brings everyone together and really draws out the hidden competitive spirit which lurks inside most of us.  

Our entries were duly signed in and paid for, gossip exchanged with friends, other entries admired (and envied) and we returned home for a welcome cup of tea - only to discover that we had forgotten to take the onions!  A quick dash back to the hall soon sorted that one out.  
This was my entry for the floral arrangement incorporating fruit - sloe berries, physallis and some cherries.
This is my small floral arrangement.
and this is our box of mixed vegetables.  I won't bore you with yet more entries - but we had 16 between us...  I'll let you know how we get on after the judging.  I have a kitchen which needs cleaning down now - I haven't done so much baking since Christmas!

OK, one final entry - this is my painted stone.  I decided to turn it into an island with crashing waves, a lighthouse, and seagulls.  I really enjoyed doing it - and George came up with a great suggestion for another one.  


  1. They all look lovely, I'm very sorry I missed the show. How many did you win then?

  2. George got 3 Firsts (onions, courgettes, and a box of mixed produce), Second for his biscuits, then Thirds in Cheese Scones and Runner Beans! He also won 'Best in Show' for Produce and received a little plaque.

    I got Firsts for Lemon Curd, A fruitful display of flowers, Art & Craft, Photography, Second for Mixed Flowers and a Third for Cheese Scones. In addition I was given 'Best in Show' for Art & Craft and Cookery and have custody of 2 little plaques.

    It was a complete surprise and very exciting, George has proved himself to be a better baker than I - and he has the certificates to prove it!


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