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Monday, 17 December 2012

Angels and a Putto in the Kitchen

I am working hard to try to shift the immense sorrow, the weight of sadness, which I have felt for the past few days as my over active imagination has threatened to engulf me.  

So, carols play softly in the background as I trim and dress the kitchen, make pomanders to add to my collection - amazing how some made years ago still smell so sweet - and try to get into the right frame of mind.

Life goes on.  

I must dig deep and get in touch with lighter feelings, it is too easy for me to sink to the bottom.   So, forgive me this trite nonsense.

It is therapeutic, my therapy.

I enjoy Christmas.  I love the carols, the candle-lit services, the excitement of watching the children in their Nativity play and I also love the satisfaction of baking and cooking a feast to stave off the chill of winter and to celebrate.   I love the smells of spices and baking, the warmth and the joy...cheesy, but true.

Back to the kitchen... I usually cater for large numbers... for the carnivores,  vegetarians, pescetarians, and the vegans among us.   I try to make sure that everyone will eat festive food.     I am not a good cook, I couldn't do it all on my own, I rely on my kitchen assistant of many years ... my little golden putto.

This little putto has watched over my festive culinary adventures for many years.

The golden putto is aided and assisted by a whole host of kitchen angels, bought one at a time over the years.   I now have quite a collection of them, they all work hard to help me.

Some are now beginning to look a little worse for wear, with fallen halos and dishevelled hair and I could swear that some of the expressions are mischievous, rather than angelic...

Luckily, this year I don't have to feed an army on Christmas Day...

Instead, after a morning of fun and merry-making with the grandchildren and family, George and I will take old Toby for a good walk, call in to see Arnold and take him some Christmas treats before coming home to relax and eat a quiet and festive buffet, the kind which we normally enjoy on Boxing Day.

No cooking required...surely a little miracle!


  1. Look at all the sweet angles you have around and your cat is precious.

  2. Elaine - I know what you're saying, because in truth, I think we're all feeling the same. Have a special time with your grandchidren on Christmas Day and an after dinner walk sounds perfect. Give Arnold a pat from me. Happy Christmas. Love Molly xx

  3. I think we all are stunned to our core. Keeping the traditions, bringing joys to our children grandchildren might be most important this year. Hold hands . . . Merry Christmas . . .

  4. We shed a few tears as we decorated and trimmed the tree on Saturday.Like you,I wish I could switch off my imagination.
    We have a special meal on Christmas Eve,our Christmas meal on Boxing day and Christmas day we have a buffet,relax,and enjoy one another's company...just the two of us and our furry family.
    Love and Christmas blessings to you and those you love.
    Jane xxx

  5. If only Christmas Day was as relaxing as Boxing Day. Maybe we should reverse them.

  6. Bennie sprawled in the center of your Christmas decoration is the picture of contentment. May everything that is warm and comforting surround you this holiday. Your family is so lucky to have your nurturing presence at this time.

  7. Love the lazy cat enjoying the holidays!

  8. Happy Holidays Elaine! Thinking of you. xxxooo

  9. What a lovely, contented cat (with amazing blue eyes). I also love the wooden? angel he is lying next to.

  10. Your sideboard is purrfect. Have a wonderful day with those two little charmers down the lane, and Arnold will appreciate a carrot from each of us. Your pockets are big enough.

  11. I have had times of grey weighing sadness and sorrow,too. When I feel better, I am surprised at how low I was, but in the lowness it is very real and painful. I hope your spirits will soon be lifted and that you'll be able to find joy . Your little angels are wonderful.

  12. love the casual way that leg is dangling!

  13. What a lovely header you have. Have a wonderful Christmas with family and good friends. Hugs Sue

  14. I love your kitchen angels! I have a kitchen witch, given to me as a housewarming gift many years ago. I think she'd like the company of a few angels. I'll have to search around.
    Can you tell me the secret to making pomanders? I followed instructions once, but it didn't work out. My orange was smelly and mouldy in no time at all.

  15. Your little angels are just precious! Enjoy the next few days and all of the holiday fun. Merry Christmas!

  16. Sounds nice and relaxing Elaine. Have a wonderful Christmas. x


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