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Thursday, 13 June 2013

"Time out, Gran"

These building blocks are about 25 years old.   
They have been in storage since my children grew up.
Davina, Tim and Jonny got so much enjoyment from them that we decided to hang on to them, 
for any grandchildren who may come along, 
like Harry and Francesca.
Now that Harry is five, and has nimble fingers, we have brought them out for him to enjoy.
He has similar bricks at home, but they are all geared towards building spaceships.

He is enchanted by the little horses, the soldiers, pirates and sharks.
Each evening, as we meet him from the school bus, his first question is always whether he can play with the castles and horses until mummy and daddy come home.
George usually plays with him, but yesterday he was busy.
So Harry had to settle for Gran instead.

I thought I was doing really well, pouring boiling oil on people, firing arrows and defending my castle...
but suddenly I heard the words
"Time out, Gran."
Apparently only Harry is allowed to win.

I have never been in time out before - but it is strangely appealing.
One minute for every year of age 
That means I have a whole hour to myself!


  1. My 10 year old still loves his lego, in fact so do I ... Granny's time out is so funny! M x

  2. The "time out" made me laugh out are so funny Gran! Harry is very lucky to have such a special grandmother in his life....

  3. At least you didn't have to sit on the naughty chair!
    Jane x

  4. Love that concept--wonder if I can convince my Grans to follow!

  5. Even if castle and dragon legos are still available they can't be half as cool as the ones his mum and uncles played with.

    Your first time out, then? Be careful Harry doesn't catch on.

  6. Legos are a wonderful toy for kids. It sound like you are giving Harry some history lessons along with his play time. Since you Brits have such a tremendous amount of history (compared to us Yanks) I guess you have to start them early!

  7. I'm from the age of Meccanno (sp?). I loved it, and now wish I'd been able to hang on to it for my grandsons.

  8. My nieces still play with the Lego from MY childhood. Very basic stuff but it seems to hit their creativity buttons! Jx

  9. Wow. If that's the way it works, I want a time out, too! Harry is very clever.

  10. Oh, that is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! Our older children are now adults and our youngest boy (8) takes great pleasure in playing with all the Lego that we have collected over the years. It's such a creative toy with loads of possibilities for play. We have very few toys as they mostly don't have the staying power that Lego does.

    Hope you enjoyed your time out! XO

  11. Oh I want to play! (I'd probably be in 'time out' most of the time.)


  12. Hello Everyone,
    Thank you for all you wonderful comments. Apologies for not replying...laptop computer problems have meant that I have been without an internet connection for much of the last week. Sometimes it connects, then it drops out - while I am in mid comment, or email. Everything gets lost and I get frustrated! My little laptop elf has been working on it. I have my fingers crossed that it has now been fixed because otherwise I may take a hammer to it.x


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