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Sunday, 11 November 2012

We Will Remember

Waiting to present the wreaths at the Louth Cenotaph.       

The handsome Guardsman, with the red tunic, was here on holiday but came prepared for the Service of Remembrance.

Standing to the right of him is our local hero, Terry, veteran of the Korean War.    He is a wonderful man who suffered greatly as a POW in Korea.

George, also wearing the beret of the Royal Marines, stands directly behind him.

In recent years it has been of great comfort to Terry to know that after all the years of being the sole local representative of the Royal Marines, he now has George to stand beside him.

Terry is 82 years old, a small, dapper, quiet man.   He is immensely popular,  spends much of his time trout fishing, he still goes out to beat for local shoots and finds time for a drink at the local pub.   I know those years as a POW still haunt him, but he gets on with life.   He is unfailingly polite, with beautiful, old-fashioned good manners.   He is not only popular, he is greatly loved.

Today Terry and George will be attending the British Legion Remembrance Service in Louth, along with many other representatives of the Services.

We will all remember.