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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back to the Day Job

From the heady heights of photographing a German rock band... to this.
Here I am at my day job.  See that pile of twigs to the right of me?  My task is to feed them through the shredder.   Once that is done there are another twenty or so heaps of them waiting for the same treatment.

This is what I should end up with...
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Lots of lovely shredded bark mulch.   We use it on the pathways through the vegetable garden, it provides a good surface and it helps to keep the weeds down.

It may be tedious and time-consuming work,  but it results in an almost-free end product.  We have the woodland, which provides the raw material and we have had the shredder for years, I donate my time, so that just leaves the cost of running the machine.

Next time I must wear my face visor, I scorned it yesterday because it was hot and the day was humid, luckily I did elect to wear the safety glasses.   I got whacked on the forehead by a madly gyrating branch as it was gobbled up by the shredder.    I bear the scar.   That'll teach me.

PS I have disabled comments for this post - it really doesn't merit any.  I just wanted to explain why I'll be busy for the next couple of day.x

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