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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tim, This is for You!

Dear Tim,

I came across a box of old family letters - in amongst the letters was a sheet of blue airmail paper, which was covered with your writing:

I should like to see into the middle of the biggest black hole in the universe.

I should like to take home a fire-breathing dragon on a cold winters day.

I should like to touch the rainbows colours when they glisten in the rain.

I should like to feel the early morning sun's rays on a flouer (sic).

I should like to paint the sound of the nightingale as she sits on a branch.

Love from Tim xxx

It must be more than twenty-three years since you wrote that.  
I still think it is wonderful.  
I'll let you have it next time you are up for a visit, providing you keep it safe.




  1. I, too, think it is wonderful! Thank you for sharing this with us. Bonnie

    1. Hello Bonnie, I'm delighted you enjoyed reading it. Sometimes I am so pleased that I have squirrel-like tendencies!

  2. Hello Elaine:
    What an absolutely wonderful keepsake. To borrow the words of another: What a little thing to remember for years, to remember with tears.

    We wish you a peaceful and joyous 2013.

    1. Hello Jane and Lance, How lovely to see you back. I hope you are rested and recharged after your seasonal break? May you both have a peaceful and joyous 2013, too.

  3. That is astoundingly beautiful. He has the heart of a poet, I think. I would make an artwork of it and put it on my wall.

    1. Hello Lynne, Welcome! When I spoke to Tim, a few days ago, he was very keen to have it back, so I will make a copy and have them both framed to preserve them.

  4. Beautiful words. Beautiful pictures in my mind.

    1. Hello Pauline, Thank you! Tim works in the Games Industry, he has been drawn deeper into management now, but his passion is for creating characters. He is a wonderful artist and has always been able to create a picture with just a few lines - it seems he also had that ability with just a few words!


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