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Friday, 17 August 2012

Ivy Clad Wall for Fridays Fences

Just click to enlarge!
Turn off a very quiet country road on to an even quieter country road and suddenly you are met with this very high, imposing wall.
This is the view looking back to the road.

I love the fact that the lovely outbuildings have been incorporated into the wall.

I like the mystery.

Could it be the old stables and coach house, perhaps the garages and chauffeur/staff quarters?

A fairly imposing house lies within the grounds and would certainly have had staff, in the old days.
No doubt that beautiful brick wall, dressed in a thick luxurious cloak of green ivy is home to many small creatures and birds.  Their world.

Just as well the wall doesn't belong to my husband and I.  He hates ivy.

Thank you to Jan and Jer for hosting Fridays Fences!
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  1. It is very pretty and quaint!
    I have always heard ivy will decay the walls it covers so my hubby won't let me have any either. :)

  2. What beautiful pictures, it looks so idyllic out. Have a nice friday.


  3. Hello Elaine, By first thought, too, was about all the creatures that might be living within this mass of greenery....

  4. Hello Elaine. I saw your comment on John's blog (Going Gently) about the Flower Show and thought I would pop over to say hello and ask you to be sure to blog about it! It sounds like the Scone War could be interesting! Planning for our Flower Show is gearing up - it will be in Spring, November in this part of the world.

  5. Very lovely scenery. I love this kind of quietness.

  6. I love ivy covered walls. I instantly thing of "The Secret Garden". We have cut down so much ivy but it continues to grow. Instead of trying to destroy it we have decided to just try and keep it under control. Have a wonderful weekend. Bonnie

  7. Ha! Ivy hides so many things once it gets going! I am reminded of the first time we visited England and were driving a narrow country lane that had tiny 'turn-offs', places to get to when you meet an on-coming truck, hay wagon, or whatever. My husband was startled to reach out and find hard stone walls behind the ivy. We were very careful not to dent the rental car after that 'aha moment'!

    Thanks for visiting my little blog ... will be a regular visitor here at pear tree! Now about those scones wars ... is Dom planning his attack too?

  8. Funny how Ivy can add such beauty to something, when on the other hand...its so invasive. Nice photos!

  9. Hi Elaine,

    I’m with George on the Ivy question-hate the stuff...
    Intrigued by the buildings built in to the wall though...

  10. Beautiful pictures . . . I love the ivy wall !

  11. It is beautiful, but it is destructive...

  12. I love the look of it, but the damage it does. When we moved here there were grape vines covering one outer wall...they looked fabulous but had begun to pull away the wood.
    Jane x

  13. Ivy walls intrigue me; do their owners have a "princess in distress complex!" LOL! I love imagining too what lies beyond, but like your hubby, I don't like invasive plants. XOXO

  14. There is nothing that is not made infinitely more beautiful by ivy. Maybe if George knew how much a pot of English ivy costs in Minnesota, he would give it more respect!

  15. Oh I do like a bit of ivy, but yes it can be awful to try and keep in check! You live in such a beautiful part of the country. Have a nice weekend. x

  16. A farmer neighbour (about 1 Km away) has a classic modern concrete block and corrugated roof cow pen, and I was pleased to notice that two very large patches of ivy has almost hidden the horrid thing from our view. Sadly I now see that 'in his wisdom' he has poisoned the ivy, and we now look out on two very dead patches of ex-greenery. One really wonders what goes through certain peoples minds!

  17. Thank you, everyone. I really appreciate all your comments. Due to my commitments I have fallen a little behind on answering your comments, as you know I prefer to do them individually.

    Ivy does look wonderful and this particular wall always draws my eye, but I have seen how terribly invasive it can be, especially if left unchecked!

    Susan Lindquist and Judith - I have done a report on the Scone Wars - Dom beat all the women of the village. He was a well deserved winner with his cheese scones. We'll give him a run for his money next year. ;)

  18. Your ivy clad wall and building make the most charming of Fridays Fences! I wish I could stroll down that road and just enjoy the ambiance...thanks for letting us see it!


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